Polskie spółki z historią

We are the largest provider of aged companies in Poland. All companies were established by us and have not traded.


If you have entered our Aged Companies Poland website, you probably know exactly why you are looking for a Polish aged company. Your reason may be different (and, if so, please tell us) but it is normally the case that an investor wishing to use an aged Polish company is looking to:


  1. - demonstrate the credibility and prestige associated with having been in business for a longer period which an older, seasoned Polish company can provide, or
  2. - satisfy tenders, applications, grants or other similar requirements (very often only a Polish company which has been established and filled financial statements for two or three years meets these criteria).


Our Polish aged companies are just the same as our new Polish shelf companies. In fact, we refer to them as Aged Shelf Companies Poland. Each Polish aged shelf company has full Polish company court registration, Polish tax office registration, EU VAT registration and other normal registrations. Our Aged Shelf Companies Poland have no employees. Each Aged Shelf Company Poland has no fixed assets or liabilities.


We also sell Polish companies which have not traded. As the moment of transfer to you, any of our aged Polish companies will be ready to trade or invest but will have been dormant for some time. All of our aged companies have the following:


  1. Polish bank account
  2. Polish tax registration and Polish tax number
  3. EU VAT registration and EU VAT number
  4. REGON number
  5. Polish accounting suport


We are also able to provide a central Warsaw registered office address and virtual office facilities.


All companies can be sold with a certificate from the tax office that no outstanding tax payments are due. We give the following warranties on the transfer of a Polish aged shelf company:


  1. Full legal title and ownership
  2. No employees
  3. No assets
  4. No tax due
  5. Capital paid in
  6. No liabilities


Of course, we also provide newly registered Polish shelf companies – our Shelf Company Poland service - as well as outsourced compliance and accounting through our associate accountants.


Call or email us now for details or to discuss your needs.


We only sell companies formed by us. We do not sell second hand or post transaction companies.